MojiPage Blog

Introducing MojiPage

“Hello world!”

More specifically, “Hello Mobile Internet World!”

That’s the world that MojiPage was born into. A world of nomadic beings, more connected to each other than they ever were during the age of lesser-mobility. MojiPage redefines distributed computing, one of the key defining points of the Internet, by bringing islands of information to people and being a conduit that facilitates communication and information flow between them.

That may sound like a lot of hot air, so let’s be more concrete.

At its core, MojiPage is a mobile widget platform that is capable of hosting widgets developed using standards-based web technologies (XHTML, Javascript, CSS.) You may think of it as a blank canvas that is infinitely customizable using a variety of widgets created by anyone. Our simple-yet-powerful API lets developers perform complex calculation, syndicate remote feeds, create mashups of web services, plus anything that a turing complete language provides.

As a testimony of the widget platform, we are developing our flagship product – MojiPage (the mobile site! Yes, like a self-titled album.) It has already gone through the first round of private alpha, and we have gathered feedback and rolled them in.

While the alpha is running smoothly right now, we are working hard to develop the social aspects of the site. Yes, I mentioned “social”! IMHO, what makes our approach work better than the way most social networking sites did it is that the rather than retrofitting widgets (or app, gadget, module, whatever you wish to call it) support into social networking sites, MojiPage is a widget framework to begin with. So, widgets are first-class citizens. This allows us to easily extend the platform to embellish it with different sets of features, while still being able to separate the core platform from the packaging. More on that in another post.

Here’s a brief timeline of MojiPage:

  • June 2007 - idea conceived

  • September 2007 - completed working prototype. Formed team to work towards a private alpha

  • November 2007 - Led a session on Mobile Widgets in MobileCampNYC2 (blog coverage by Sebastian and Dawa - thanks!)

  • December 2007 - Private Alpha launched. Moji Labs incorporated.

From this point on, we will be charging ahead to refine the product and develop new features. We will also be launching our developer support site soon, so stay tuned!